These Are the seeds I am Mass Farming and soon be selling... Although I am only starting a few plants at this time these are my "Special Hybrids" Pictures are still being taken of theses... however some maybe next year due to the Fire we had....but now since 2004 I am selling them in small packages of seeds or pods. Donations are made on the main page for Seeds

Orange Only Mumzy Marigold

This is a cross between a Chrysanthemum and the Firecracker Marigold. Grows up around 2 foot and is one of the most natural pest control plants of most annoying bugs in the garden. This Plant only comes in 3 colors at this time,and selling very few at a time as I grow my own Seed bank of them. 


White Yellow Cream Swamp Marigold  

This is a cross of the white marigold with the Tallest Swamp Marigold, however the flowers but its white & fuzzy top bullet like flower has some good points as it is the strongest by scent that will keep most animals at bay as well as bugs too! 


 Rainbow Medium Orange Marigold  

This plant will branch out if you grow them 11 inches apart  they will turn into a ground cover.  The leaves turn red at fall  when to warn you of frost is soon.  The flowers also change colors too!   As any marigold they only need 30 days to flower....growing to  height of four feet. and wider then its height.


Mystic Keepers Small Marigold Mix

This Mix is all of the shades from white, yellow, red, brown, orange shades and yellow shades. some are two toned and some are tripple toned in color. Smallest  heights and some grow up to 2 foot tall. and about as wide as height.  There is a small version of this plant mixed in and blooms early so that the others seeds can take over... great for blankets of flowers.

Firecracker Marigold Mix

These are shades from Yellow to Orange and keep blooming peddles creating a snow ball. grow up to around 4-6 foot depending on climate.

Marigold Garden Select Package

The whole Package deal is to grow a designed Marigold garden with heights. Small, Medium & Large types pick any of the  types available for one Low Price! have Lots of Color with low maintenance.  Just get them in your rainy season to plant or water until they start getting roots... they love clay or sandy soil it even grows in rocks!     You can Pick 10 seeds of each level of height.  and may sometimes get hidden specials depending on the seasonal harvest! 








I do grow  from various Magazines and Catalogs Check out these Other Companies they may get you hooked too!

 I am saving Seeds and Started to put pictures on instagram. Please ask for pictures to be  emailed to you of things I grow. Moon flowers and Zinnias are now being sorted in color. If you want a color blend let me know I am only growing so many. but I have more of the Hot pink Zinnias.






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Mystic Keeper's Specialty Seeds


 White Moonflower Bushes or seeds

 (lavendar with red center )Rose of Sharon bushes or seeds

oregano - thyme - mint  hybrid plant

Spearmint Plants

Sweet William Plants or seeds

Various Types of succulent plants 

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