Connective Resource Healing



Healing takes change and courage, if we surround ourselves with the right resources we can achieve anything.
— Natalee Hessell

My family and I have suffered for years with allergies, autoimmune reactions and diseases.  I have family and a network of friends that are medical professionals.  I believe myself to be a bit of a hybrid with traditional and alternative medicine beliefs.  I feel they are both needed or one is better based on each situation and set of circumstances.  It is up to you to decide how to blend the two approaches to design your personal healthcare team.

In 2013, our household went into complete turmoil.  My son and I experienced a vaccine injury.   The ongoing story in our home is I left the hospital with a baby, one arm and a c-section.  The vaccine had torn my rotator cuff in 4 places, including one off the bone.   This injection blew out my right shoulder, ended up creating issues on my left shoulder, and I have had autoimmune issues from the vaccine itself.  I successfully went through the program with a vaccine attorney.   This experience tested my ability to navigate the traditional and alternative networks.   We were very ill and my body was shutting down.  I went from not needing an inhaler to taking many types of asthma and allergy medications.  I had several reactions that took me to urgent care and the ER weekly or sometimes monthly.  My son was in the same situation.  

Through my journey, I have also found that it would have been extremely beneficial to have someone help connect me to the medical professionals I needed.   It would have saved me time and money reducing unnecessary stress.  I also would have loved to have a way to quickly identify ingredients that may be an allergy or autoimmune trigger.  Shopping quickly became time consuming and depressing.  I wanted a way to search for products that contain specific ingredients.   After all, who is a master at reading labels?  I have worked with a great team to design a software program to assist in the label reading process.   My goal is to help people with identifying allergies or autoimmune triggers and feel more comfortable knowing those in your life will feel more confident with you.

I also have struggled financially to the point where we had to make many choices that were difficult.   I watch others having the same difficulty.  My mission is to take a percentage of my profits and go full circle with giving back.  I want to help people with funds for the first initial deposit or appointment that is needed to get them healthy.   I was very fortunate to be able to liquidate assets to continue our care plans in order to heal.   In the end, I am hoping to reduce financial, emotional, and physical stress during the healing process for others.