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Since November of 2000 I been gathering vendors for parties.  Clandestine Gardens® is also a part of Mystic Keeper We been doing weddings and funerals with floral ever since. We offer quite a menu for weddings or funerals.  Besides flowers we also can marry you with on staff 2 Ordained Clergy Members Since June 29th  2004. We keep on staff wedding planners and coordinators. We do make simple wedding cakes and cater  if you go to Package Deals with these services.   It allows us to have more then  one wedding going on to marry.  If your into Balloon Twisting  There is one on one teaching with videos or in person. We do offer balloon arches , balloon columns, premade figures but its very limited as a service. Mystic Keeper™ will twist for parties or decorate a area with balloons. Contact us for a quote. Schools, vets or handicap  and low income families get discounts. 

Have you ever gotten a Tarot Card Reading? There is more then one reader listed with in this site, check it out!  

There is a dollar store inside & Online Mall that you can be a part of, Apply  there too.  

If your into crystals and like to learn about crystal identification videos check out the Crystal Workshop

  I been a Crystal Therapist since 2004. I do made rosaries, prayer beads, dream catchers, landscape gardens and also been a Master Gardner  since 2004. There is a Nursery where you can buy my plants!. If you like to apply  here is the Application.

We do list Fundraisers & Events Calendar on the website.

If you have not seen the spider webbing service its a must see for Halloween.!!



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Chocolate cake with fluff... Chocolate ganache and fudge frosting

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At macomb mall in the fun extention made balloons for a 5th birthday party

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